Fat dissolving

Are you struggling with small pockets of fat on the stomach, bingo wings or chin? Are you questioning how to lose stomach fat? How to get rid of back fat? Can you remove love handles? Or how to get rid of bingo wings without arm lift surgery? If so, Aqualyx®, body fat dissolving injections may be the solution for you!

Aqualyx treatment is a fat dissolving injection that works by liquidating fat cells and destroying them permanently. The broken-down cells are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. This treatment is performed by our Aqualyx® expert and lead practitioner Jade.

Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are an excellent treatment for those looking to treat areas on the body with stubborn, localised fat. Please note that Aqualyx® fat dissolving injection is a body contouring treatment, not an overall weight loss solution. Aqualyx® treatments are only applicable localised areas. Aqualyx® is often used to treat areas such as under the chin, under arms, back rolls, love handles and stubborn stomach fat. A series of treatments is often required to achieve desired results this will be discussed with yourself prior to any treatment.

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